Facial Tissue 100 pulls – Set of 4 (Freshup Grand )

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Your trusted, everyday companion made from 100% virgin paper which is gentle on skin and strong in performance.

  • Sheet size = 7×8 inches
  • Ultra soft and skin safe facial tissues to prevent irritation on your skin.
  • 2 ply high wet strength tissues to effectively absorb the moisture.
  • Compact 200 pulls tissue box to meet all your home, office, and travel needs.

Crafted from fine quality paper to provide comfort and reliability with every use.

We deliver within 1-7 working days all over India except North-east India and within 8-14working days in North-east India.


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Our indispensable everyday companions

Crafted from 100% naturally processed, soft and lightweight virgin paper under a highly technological and advanced environment. They offer gentle and hygienic solutions for our everyday tasks like maintaining cleanliness, facial cleansing, battling with common cold and cough, removing makeup or be it a quick and simple refreshment.

The defining features of our facial tissues is their softness and high absorbing capacity. The softness feels like a gentle and soothing touch to your skin and its high absorption capacity makes it highly effective to use. The softness of the tissues guarantees to provide you luxurious comfort and helps prevent irritation and discomfort.

They are convenient and portable to use and act as your travel companions as you can effortlessly carry them with you in your luggage, backpacks or cars. Their portability and lightweight nature add to the utility of our facial tissues.

They offer all in one solution for all your hygienic needs and helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. It also provides a hygienic alternative to reusing disposable cloths and contributes to a cleaner environment.

They have become a staple in households, offices and cars to meet daily needs with utmost care and convenience. They provide simple yet effective solution for maintaining comfort and well-being.

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