Kitchen towel – (3×1 Set)

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The survival tool of your kitchen, its culinary companion, our premium quality kitchen towels made from fine quality paper.

  • 3 in 1 set
  • High wet strength and absorbing capacity to handle all the spills.
  • 4 ply kitchen towels to clean all the mess, dry the dishes and leave a smooth finish.
  • Hygienic towels to reduce bacteria and keep your kitchen clean.

An essential tool for every home chef that provides a hassle- and dirt-free experience.

We deliver within 1-7 working days all over India except North-east India and within 8-14working days in North-east India.


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Kitchen towels as culinary companions

The survival tools of many kitchens, our kitchen towels are made from 100% naturally processed virgin paper woven into everyday life, bringing an essential blend of utility, comfort and style. Their softness and durability help to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen.

We provide kitchen towels ranging from 1 ply to 4 ply differing in terms of their absorption capacity. Their wet strength and absorption capacity makes them invaluable for wiping spills, drying hands and tackling culinary chaos in kitchen. Their hygienic nature also reduces germ spill and bacteria in kitchen slab.

They are trusted culinary companions to offer quick and convenient solutions for cleaning all the mess, drying the dishes and leaving a smooth finish. Our kitchen towels are made from 100% naturally processed virgin paper processed under highly technological and advanced environment. We also provide non-woven kitchen towels that can be reused and are washable to reduce wastage and maintain economies of scale.

Their role also extends beyond kitchen and their ability to multitask makes them a necessary tool in your kitchens. They weave practicality, comfort and style together to not only embrace functional needs but also the enjoy the leisure of cooking in daily life.

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