Cling Film – 100m

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Your flexible kitchen friend that makes it easy to seal, wrap and preserve food.

  • Easily stretchable that offers a secure and tight seal to store leftovers and wrap your food.
  • Easy to use design that keeps food fresh, and kitchen organized.
  • Improves shelf life of food by storing food and covering dishes.

Say goodbye to food waste and hello to convenience with our reliable cling film. The kitchen superhero you can count on.

We deliver within 1-7 working days all over India except North-east India and within 8-14working days in North-east India.


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Wrap it right

Cling film also know as plastic wrap or food wrap is a transparent food sheet to preserve freshness, flavor and moisture. Its easy stretchable and flexible nature offers a secure and tight seal to preserve food and leftovers.

Its cling ability to closely adhere to the surfaces creates an airtight seal that protects food from germs and bacteria. The shield created by cling film prevents food, fruits and vegetables from turning stale to retain their freshness and taste. Preservation of food also extends the lifespan of food that minimizes wastage and promotes economical lifestyle.

Its stretchable nature allows for easy shaping and molding making it a prime tool in kitchen of households, cloud kitchens and restaurants. Its usage also extends further to protecting the toiletries while travelling, wrapping fragile items and various other applications.

Its incredibly versatile nature and firm strength preserves food, protects fragile items and reduces wastage of food. It acts as your confidant in the art of food preservation and presentation.

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